Linda Ikeji Given The Bouquet At Sandra’s Wedding

Billionaire blogger and single mum of one, Linda Ikeji yesterday, caught the bouquet at the wedding reception of her sister, Sandra.

According to reports, Linda Ikeji alongside a couple of other ladies stepped out when it was time for the bride to throw the bouquet and luckily, Linda caught it with much struggle.

Watch the video of the moment below, showing how guests cheered after the blogger caught the bouquet indicating that she will be next to wall down the aisle.

Of course I joined them ��. I can’t be left behind biko…lol. And I caught the bouquet…Yay! Ok, ok, whatever, my sister gave it to me ��. But bottom line is; I’m going to be the next Ikeji bride..� say amen for me! �❤ #thesbond




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