We are made of habits. It is believed that an average human being needs around 20 to 30 days to form new habits. This is why it is so important to make small, but positive changes in your life for at least one month.

You’ve heard the saying: “Rome wasn’t build in a day.” Well, it was built little by little, by consistent work. This is how it works in our life as well. By making small positive changes, and persisting in them, we build new, improved reality for ourselves.

Let’s take a look at these…

10 Inspiring tips that can help you transform your life for better.
Be intentional about using more positive words in your daily life
Your attitude is everything, and often people train themselves for taking things for granted. For example, when someone asks a simple question: “How are you?”, most people would reply: “Not so bad”, or “Fine”. But when you become aware of the power of your thoughts and words, you would start using it for your own advantage. When someone asks: “Are you ok?”, you can start replying: “I am doing brilliant!”, with a big smile on your face, because you realise how many blessings you have in your life, be it the fact of simply being alive, the eyes to see, the family to love…whatever you are grateful for will always grow.

Do something you love for at least one hour a day
Take at least one hour a day to do something that your soul loves, be it your favourite hobby, or walking in nature. This simple routine will help you feel more alive, as well as enjoy life more.

Practice kindness

Be kind to people, to all people, even those who are unkind to you. Try to sincerely love and respect people, not only when they are polite and kind, but because you want to intentionally train your emotional intelligence and because you want to be this kind of person. If you do it during one month consistently, you will notice that the kindness will start growing around you.

Try to always keep positive mental attitude

Most successful people are optimists. They intentionally developed their ability to be happy and creative. The situation doesn’t matter, what what matters is your attitude towards it. Thos who trained themselves to thing positive thoughts tend to see the world as a place filled with possibilities. Try to look at the bright side every day in the next 30 days.

Learn to enjoy your life
This might sound so obvious, but a lot of people run so fast in life, that they forgot to enjoy the journey. Remember that life happens here and now – life is eternal present moment. When you realise this, your life experience with change for the better. One good book that we can recommend reading is called ‘The power of present moment’ by Eckhart Tolle; read it if you get a chance, as it became transformational and life changing for many people.


Learn to be grateful for everything you have
The internal attitude of gratitude can add new colors into your life. Try to do a little exercise: during the next month, start every morning by thinking about 5 things you are grateful for, it will help you to start your day on a positive note, but will also boost your overall mood.

Tell only the truth during 30 days
Often people find excuses for their lies, they call it “white” lie. White lie or black lie is still a lie. Try to pay attention to your words in the next 30 days and speak the truth, speak from your heart.

Write a list of your goals and work on it every day for at least one hour
Living life is like sailing a ship. If we have a clear destination, in other words, goals, we know where we are going and we have big chances to actually get there. This is why we recommend you to write a list of your most important goals and keep them in visible place, read them daily and do something every day to achieve them for at least one hour. You will see how your life will be filled with new meaning, because you will have clear direction where your are going.

Read or watch something motivational and inspirational every day
This is another one of powerful tips that can help you to change your life for the better. Motivational books and videos are like food for your inner personality and while our physical body stops growing at a certain point, our inner self, our personality should never stop growing. This is why, just like you nourish your body with good food, try to make sure to nourish your mind and your soul daily as well.Image result for CHANGES THAT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IN ONE MONTH"

Do physical exercises for at least 10 minutes a day
10 minutes a day doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you do it daily, you will see an increase in energy and overall wellbeing. Every small positive change counts, as long as it’s

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