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How to make lipstick last extra long?

How to make lipstick last extra long?

Lipstick is one of the most used and loved beauty products for many girls. Let’s talk about lip makeup and lipstick tricks.
Lip makeup is an integral part of any girl’s daily beauty routine. The right shade can complement your look and even give you more confidence. It is also necessary to choose a lipstick texture that will make you feel comfortable throughout the entire day!

Today, let’s talk about lipstick beauty secrets with which a kiss will not ruin your makeup!
1. Select a perfect lipstick texture

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When choosing a good lipstick, you can select between different textures: matte, liquid or “varnish”. Remember to apply your favourite lip balm to your lips, in order for them to stay hydrated. It’s best to apply your lip balm around five minutes before your apply your makeup.

There is also one separate category of lipsticks that is now available on the market – Korean tints. They contain a lot of coloring pigments that will hold strong even after the most passionate kisses or generous feasting.

2. Remember to use a lip primer

The base for your lipstick (or lip primer) resembles the foundation for makeup. It extends the durability of your makeup and provides a better and more even coverage. Before applying your lip primer, don’t forget about lip exfoliating. This will help remove all peeling and unevenness on the lips.

Another beauty tip for ladies who don’t like or simply don’t have a lip primer is to use a lip liner or simply your favourite foundation as your lip primer.

3. Use tissues and translucent powder

After applying each layer of your lipstick, pat your lips dry with a napkin. This can remove excess sebum and make your lipstick last longer. Transparent powder on top will help fix your lip makeup even more. But there is only one down side of this tip: regular use of such products can lead to overdrying of the skin in the long run, but it’s definitely worth trying for special occasions.

4. Use concealer instead of a pencil

Lip liner can be replaced with a concealer. Apply it to the outer edges of your lips to prevent lipstick from feathering. You can also use a colorless pencil for this purpose. It will not only enhance the durability of your lip product, but it will also give a beautiful volume to your lips.

5. Makeup remover for waterproof lipstick

Simple water is not enough when it comes to removing waterproof lipstick. Hardcore lip products can be washed off with two-phase makeup remover or any other oil-based (in other words, hydrophilic) product. Do not rub your skin too harshly. Just hold a cotton pad for a couple of minutes on your lips and then gently remove your makeup.

6. Be bold – wear red lips!

Red lipstick is one of the most deductive and sensual instruments of a lady, but you definitely need to know and feel when it is appropriate to use it. Red lipstick will emphasise your femininity and if your have selected your red lipstick skilfully and used it correctly it can boost your mood and self confidence.

When choosing your red lipstick, you should remember one important detail that makeup with red lipstick requires absolutely perfect skin tone and the absence of additional heavy accents. For example, when you plan on wearing bright red lipstick, then avoid additional accents on the eyes, for example, because it can completely depreciates your red lip color.

If you learn to perfectly outline your lips, while wearing red lipstick and you avoid using other big beauty accents in your makeup – it will add chic and brightness to your look, and will make people to pay attention to what you are saying, this is for sure!

What is your favourite lipstick color? Do you have tips on how to make your lipstick last longer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay pretty!

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