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Wanna be a model? Let’s look at some interesting facts about modelling.

It’s many a young woman’s aspiration to break into the modelling industry. Models are beautiful, well-paid and get to travel to some of the most exotic places on earth.

There are many, many other perks, too, including free designer clothes and invitations to star-studded events, such as the Oscars!

But what about the things you don’t know about the modelling industry?


Models Are Often Uneducated
The reason models are often uneducated is not because they’re dumb. It’s more to do with the fact that models start out very young – often as young as 13 – and as such they skip high school and college to focus on their careers on the runway.

Models Don’t Always Make As Much Money As You Might Think
The supermodels – Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, etc – make a LOT of money. Everyone knows that. These are models that are big names and they’re in incredible demand. They model for the likes of Gucci, Calvin Klein and so on.

On the whole, though, the modelling industry doesn’t quite pay as well as you might think/hope.

In 2017, the median annually salary for models as just $22,900.

Of course, this is the median salary, which means some models do make more than that … but some also make less than that.

In fact, some models get paid, not with cash, but with clothes. While some don’t get paid at all.

Then there are agencies. Agencies charge a lot of money for things like drivers and cars. And it’s your money.

Moreover, agencies take a cut – sometimes as much as 70% of your earnings.

This isn’t mean to scare you. As mentioned, some models do get paid very well. But it’s worth knowing the bare facts before you get into something, and the bare facts are that, on average, models aren’t making the kind of money people think they are.

Female Models Are Paid More Than Male Models

This is another one of interesting facts about modelling. There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the gender pay gap, and how it isn’t fair that men make more money than women. However, in the modelling industry, the gender gap is reversed. Women are paid more than men.

According to stats, female models are paid 150% more than model models.

Over a set period, women can earn as much as $83 million, while men earn just $8 million.

Angus Munro, co-founder of AM Casting, had this to say: “I can’t understand how male models continue to be paid a fraction of what their female counterparts are for doing the exact same job. If the situation was reversed there would be an outcry. It’s entirely unnecessary and offensive.”

Are You 21? You’re Probably Too Old To Break Into the Modelling Industry …

Maria Eriksson may or may not be a name that’s familiar to you. She’s been a Playboy centrefold three times and clearly has the looks of a model.

Yet when she was 21, she was told that she was too old to become a model. She was told that the didn’t have much time left.

True, models careers start early and end early, much like an athlete. It’s the reason you see models like Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss starting so young, and, in the formers case, ending so soon.

There are many examples of models starting out young, such as Cindy Crawford’s daughter, who landed her first modelling job aged 10.


When you see a photo of a model, you might be forgiven for thinking they look exactly like that in real life.

Or perhaps you know that a bit of editing goes on, and that they probably looks a bit different in real life.

But what if we told you that models look very different from their photos?

Image alterations are common in the modelling industry. And we’re not talking about one or two lil touch-ups here and there. We’re talking about full-on photoshopping so that the end result is very unrealistic.

These days, digital touch-up artists/image editors can literally do anything, whether it to remove 20 pounds from a model or add more hair. Whatever needs to be done can and will be done.

Models Are Sometimes Encouraged To Have Surgery
This is another one of interesting facts about modelling.

Sometimes, a model is touched-up in an image – and sometimes, they’re physically touched-up before hand.

In other words, in some countries surgery is encouraged.

In fact, in South Korea, young girls can’t become models unless they’ve had double eyelid surgery so that they look more Westernised.

Models are beautiful, flawless – perfect, right?

Models are all of those things, but they’re also insecure.

Remember, models are human beings just like everyone else, and they suffer from the same weaknesses as all of us. Models work in an industry where looks matter. As such, the pressure to be beautiful is so great that it’s no wonder some models are insecure.

Models Are Expected To Be Skinnier Than Ever
In the 1950s, blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe’s measurements were 37-23-36.

Today, a model’s average measurements are 31-23-34. Enough said.

Models Come and Go
It’s also not surprising that models are insecure when you consider that models come and go with trends.

Just like trends fade and die, so too do the models that led the trends.

For example, while androgynous models are very much “in” at the moment, this won’t always be the case. As such, while an androgynous model might be able to do no wrong at the moment, they might be out of a job by 2020.

It sucks, but that’s the fickle nature of the modelling industry.

Models Have a VERY Strict Diet

You might protest that you already knew that models follow a very strict diet. But did you really and truly know exactly how strict it is?

If a model is working for a specific client, they simply can’t gain or lose weight. They have to retain their exact measurements, otherwise they won’t be able to fit in perfectly tailored clothes.

Is it any wonder why we hear rumours of models who are constantly vomiting or taking laxatives? The pressure to maintain the exact same weight must be quite intense!

Do you know other interesting facts about modeling?

Stay happy!

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