Things that every single lady needs to do right away

Things that every single lady needs to do right away

A lot of girls complain about being single and wish they had a boyfriend, but while they are doing all that complaining they are missing out some important things that they should be doing now, while they still have the chance. So, stop worrying about being single and make the most of it with these ten things that every single lady needs to do right away:

1. Save some money

While you should be having fun when you are single, now is also a good time to put some money away for the future. It sounds a bit boring, but you might as well save some of that money you would otherwise be spending on birthday presents and gifts for him.

2. Treat yourself. Be selfish, in a good way

You have to do enough compromising when you are in a relationship, so enjoy looking after number one while you are single. Do the things that you want to do and go to the places that you want to go. It’s nice, sometimes, not to have to consider what someone else wants.

3. Flirt and have fun

All the best relationship advice columns tell you that it’s fun to flirt with your boyfriend, but it’s not half the fun that flirting when you are single is!  Now you can flirt with anyone and you don’t even need to see through to the end, you can just have a good time.

4. Communicate and get to know different types of guys

Don’t just stick with the kind of guys you’ve always dated before, take the opportunity to experiment a little. Try talking to some guys you never would have thought would be your type, you might be surprised.

5. Live on your own

Living on your own can be great fun. You get to do whatever you like in your own home and decorate it, just the way that you want. Sharing with a roommate can be fun too, but living on your own can help to you discover the real you.

6. Travel alone

A solo vacation can be a great way to build your self-confidence and make you more independent. Enjoy a trip to some far off land and enjoy the freedom of taking a holiday, just the way that you want to.

7. Learn to say NO when you feel like it

Don’t listen to other people; you don’t have to date every guy that shows you some attention. If you are not interested, or you don’t want the complication of relationship, then just say no, and keep on having fun.

8. Dare to make the first move

On the other hand, if you do like the look of a guy, then don’t be afraid to make the first move. Being single means that you are in charge, so take the bull by the horns and ask. It might lead to nothing, but it will be a great boost to your confidence, whatever happens.

9. Follow a dream


If you’ve been dreaming of learning to scuba dive, had a yearning to write a novel or have always wanted to learn how to make pottery, then now is the time to follow that dream. Whatever your passion, indulge yourself, while you still have some free time on your hands.

10. Stop worrying about being single

Don’t let other people talk you into a relationship before you are ready. There is nothing at all wrong with being single, it gives you the opportunity to do things that you simply can’t do when you’re in a relationship, so enjoy it for as long as you like.

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