Why Baby Mamas And Baby Daddies Will Continue To Be Prevalent these days

The African mentality deeply rooted in our DNA gives a man room to consummate with more than one woman. Because of religion, many have come to publicly disregard this trait even though they practice it in private. Before celebrities made the phenomenon popular as a result of social media, it wasn’t strange to hear that a friend, a colleague, a partner has a step sibling his/her parents had outside wedlock or outside their marriage.

In this day and age, because of technology, our inner instincts prevail in a more private environment such as social media. These days, it is the norm for a woman (young girls, even) to have multiple partners online and even in virtual reality. This has grown because of greed and coveteousness. Men, with this knowledge, treat women in general as sexual objects and vessels for procreation. Multiple partners on both sides of the human gender is on the rise. It is only inevitable that at a point in time, an unwanted pregnancy develops even though there isn’t any strong emotional attachment between both parties responsible.African Americans have over time, turned this behavior into a normal practice. It isn’t strange to find a woman with four kids from four different men and vice versa. Because technology has bridged the gap between us and our African American brothers, we see nothing wrong with the baby mama, baby daddy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, we pride ourselves in it. Also, women who feel they have crossed the threshold of marriageable age, do not mind being a single parent.

It is vital to know that kids brought forth by this kind of unions, regardless of the financial status of their parents develop emotional and psychological characteristics that ensures the cycle prevails. We should keep our self control in check.

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