How to stop wasting time? How to become more productive? The world is so fast paced these days, you hardly know whether you are coming or going sometimes. Rushing here, rushing there…there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. If that being the case, then shouldn’t you be looking at what you might be wasting some of the precious time on? Cut some of the unnecessary things out of your day by reading these ten things that you should really stop wasting your time on.

1. Watching rubbish on TV

Our first tip on how to stop wasting time is to avoid watching rubbish on TV. How many times have you sat through an entire TV programme and then complained about how awful it was! We’ve all done it and wasted our time, so switch off, when a programme is boring and put that time to use for something more productive.

2. Putting on your make-up before you go to the gym

You are only going to get hot and sweaty when you work out and makeup is going to make you feel uncomfortable, so why bother putting on makeup before you go to a gym or play a sport. Save time and give makeup a miss. No one will notice anyway.


3. Worrying about what other people think

Another useful tip on how to stop wasting time and become happier is to stop stressing over what other people think about you, as it’s a complete waste of your valuable time. So long as you are happy with who you are, that’s all that counts. You won’t change other people’s mind about you anyway, so let them get on with it!

4. Posting everything you do on Facebook or Twitter

Are you one of those people who take photos of every event of the day and then pass that news onto your followers? Work out how much time you are wasting on that and then ask yourself if the world really needs to know what you had for lunch.

5. GossipingOK, so gossiping can be fun, but you have to draw the line somewhere. No one can resist a little bit of gossip, but it won’t actually get you any further with the things that you should be spending your time on. Slim down your daily gossip quota and spend more time on yourself.

6. Chasing unrequited love

If you don’t seem to be getting away with your crush, then take a hint and give it a rest. If a guy really isn’t interested in you, then that’s his loss, so move on and get on with something more fun.

7. Worrying about the past

Next tip on how to stop wasting time and how to become more productive is to stop worrying about the past. You can’t change the past, so why worry about it? Sitting in a daze, wondering if you could have done something differently, won’t make any difference to what you actually did. Forget it and concentrate on what you are doing right now.

8. Doing things that you hate doing

If you hate doing it, then why on earth are you doing it at all?! You only live once, so fill your life with the things that you enjoy. If it’s a chore that absolutely has to be done, then get it done quickly. If it’s something that isn’t essential, then leave it, and move on to something that will be fun.

9. Following a path that is getting you nowhere

This piece advice applies equally to relationships and careers. If a chosen path doesn’t appear to be leading where you want it to, then change directions fast. Don’t waste your time being stuck in a rut, get out and explore new opportunities and see what you can find.

10. Complaining about how bad your life is

If you really do think that life has dealt you a bad hand, then shuffle the pack and deal yourself a new one! Complaining won’t fix any problems, so stand up for yourself, and make the changes that you know are needed to make you happy.


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