Image result for maximizing your singlehood  In our society today there is a lot of   considerable number of singles,be

it seperated or those who have never been married.Their numbers

contiue to increase as years goes by.Nearly 30% of the American

popultion is single,either unmarried, divorced or widowed.Many single

consider thier plight as a thorn in the flesh rather than a blessing.A

good number of single stuggle a great deal,some signing up for romance

and dating websites,thonking that some how they will able to find a

match.They will invest a great deal of searching for mr or Miss

right.It is amazing it is amazing to say that this searh is so even

eveen among the Christian believers.Many compromise God standard and

marry any man or woman that comes thier way because of the intensity

of the struggle.Some who feel that age is no longer on thier side,can

pay any price just to be out of the single cub..

Friends the first responsibility of maximisng your singlehood is to

define reality.the last is to say thank you.In between the two, the

single person must be ready to face ups and down s of life,before you

become the master of the or the best.That summary is profound,and i

have found it to be true in maximizing my singlehood i find the issue

of maximising singlehood is one of the hardest concept for singles to

grasp.Lets make it more personal i find it hardest to accomplish!For

help with this,i have turned to the bible for both perspective and

assistance.On the fron end,i must define the borders and parameters of

what i want in life and how to achieve it.Such includes the kind of

woman i want,family i want,bussiness and others.At the conclusion, i

must say “thank you”.Whatever the reason is single means a lot and

there are issues to keep in ind an we can consider them one after the



1.You need to maximize your waiting room of singlehood by knowing who

you are nd what you do best.

2.Increased oppoertunities as a result of advert of the “knowledge

worker’require that you manage yourself and your decisions of what to

do and nt what to do.

3.You need to be able to answer 3 question:What am i strength?How do i

perform?What are my value.If you can answer the three questions,then

you are capable ofof taking challenges and responsibilities.

4.You have to decide the kind of personn you want to be telling

yourself the truth about who you are.

5.When you understand that you cannot manage people you are almost

forced to understand what motivate your partner or team member with

whom you are in relationship with.

6.Dont waste time to put in what was left out rather try to draw out

what is left in.

7.You must take time and devote some resources to finding out your

talent, skills, and also and also using experiences of life of others

for you to succeed in life.

8.If you dont develop the competence in you and learn to manage

thingd, then you will learn to manage things,then you will spend a lot

of time and energy struggling to e successful in life.

Dont join the group of men that live in a fantasy world.Understand

that nothing good comes easy but with prayers and persistence you will

win all!

10.The moment you stop developing,be it

mentally,spiritually,emotionally,or physcally, you will notice thta

you will start declinin.You either get better or worse.


One really great way to know what you want is to speak what you want

to other people.We have to have enough selfcofidence and self love to

really work away from things that we dont want and be bold and brave

enough to ask for what we want without any kind of reservation.Hw

honest are you to your spouse? Have you been able to tell him or her

what you want especially in that marriage or courtship.Have you been

chosen to die in silence and to continousle blame your friends or

parents?How difficult are you finding it are you finding it to say

what you feel and what is right in your relationship?Probably you want

to die before your time because you dont want to help youself by been

honest to speak what you want.friends we have discovered that one of

the ingredients for successful marriage is when we start been honet

with oue partners and our selves about what we wan,practising

authenicity and truth in helps to break the barrierin

of fear in marriages and it breed trust in realtionship.


The moment you said yes to the gentleman, lady,you signed a contract

with his life that is his character,not just his lo car,reputatin

affluence and influence.Guy the momentshe accepted you or the moment

you said yes to her physique, figure you said yes to the talker in her

you just succeeded in signing up a contract with the terror herself.

Lets begin by knowing what intending couples,singles in courtship

sometimes need is nota BREAK-UP UT A BREAK.We must not undermine the

power of reinforcement.Some times the best way to reinforce is to

seperate oneself.This generation must really come to know and accept

that before we go ahead to talk about break up there is need to state

somethings clearly:

1.It is very good to have virtuosto have values but overtime, i have

realised that it is most dangerous to judge your partner’s action

using your values as a yardstick.

2.It is important to note that what matters most to you may not be the

same with your partner, so you need to create space for your partner.

3.Your orientation matters as well as your partners’

4.What are your expectations? You should know that goodly expectations

don’t just happen easily. You should also know that there are

challenges before every good expectation. For instance, the moment you

decide not to eat chocolates is the time you get more chocolate offes.

The moment you make up your mind to stick to a partner or rather be

faithful to one partner is the time you suddenly develop numerous

admirers. This is because it’s a fight you must not turn your back on.


Ignorance appears to be the major reason why people fail or

malfunction. HOSEA 4:6 ‘My people perish for lack of

knowledge'(paraphrase).When people are unwilling to learn, discover

what reality really is and be a solution in themselves, there will

certainly be problems. The moment you begin to see yourself as a

solution, you would have gone a distance away from ignorance. When you

put what you know to work, you will be amazed at the effect of your

contribution to the relationship and even to the society at large.

Some of the most popular and common reasons or excuses, peole give for

a break up are under-listed as follows;

1.”I saw a foul text message on his phone and that left me feeling

inadequate. It stole myself worth and values, so i must resorted to

break up.”

2.”I met a lady in his house.”

3.”He lied to me.

Wow, you begin to say things like ‘after all the love i showed you,

you still had guts to lie to me,I wont take this. Lets break up’. My

dear, when a guy lies to me, it makes me weep. I do not weep because

he betrayed me or he didn’t act well, i weep because if i had given

him that ground of comfort, he wouldn’t have lied to me. By comfort i

mean if i had made my life a home where he felt secured and unashamed

to mess up, he wouldn’t have lied, rather he would learn to be blunt

and sincere irrespective of the ‘act’. If he feels comfortable with

me, he can go as far as telling me of the lady he met at the bus stop

and exchange numbers with not minding the fact that he described her

to be more beautiful than myself. That’s relationship. The essence of a

relationship is to bring out the best in both partners by reason of

their commitment, I mean working hard for the relationship to work.



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